The health and ability to learn of children with MCS can be badly affected by chemicals in the school environment. Some schools have made changes such as providing an air purifier, changing cleaning products, restricting fragrance use, allowing natural fibre alternatives to the standard school uniform and allowing part time attendance. Visit the education department website in your state to find out how changes for children with disabilities are organised.

Distance education enables children to follow the standard curriculum from home. In Victoria, "The Distance Education Centre Victoria (DECV) provides flexible learning opportunities to Victorian F-12 students who are unable to attend mainstream schooling. We foster an engaging and inclusive learning environment by coupling state-of-the-art technology with innovative and adaptive teaching practices. Our learning programs are personalised for each individual, providing stimulating and supportive learning opportunities. Our teachers are trained and experienced in best-practice online learning techniques and are focused on challenging students to pursue excellence and achieve their individual learning goals."

Some children with MCS are homeschooled.

Hughes Primary School, ACT changed to safer cleaning products for students with chemical sensitivities.

For non-chemical pest control methods see  Safer Solutions: Integrated Pest Management for Schools and Childcare Centres

From Canada: Guidelines to Accommodate Students and Staff with Environmental Sensitivities: A Guide for Schools
(in Canada MCS is often called Environmental Sensitivities)

American Lung Association Sample Fragrance-Free School Policy 

USA EPA Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids